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This article is about Zero's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Zero.
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Zero.png
Universe Mega Man
Stock icon SSF Zero stock icon.png
Availability Unlockable
Unlock criteria Clear Adventure with Mega Man X on at least normal difficulty without using continues.
Tier S (5)

Zero is a playable newcomer unlockable character in Super Smash Flash as the second representative of the Mega Man universe. His sprites are ripped straight from his appearance in Mega Man X3.

Zero is ranked 5th on the tier list. He has a solid projectile in his Zero Buster, excellent range and good KO moves with his up attack, down attack, and down aerial. He is also fairly fast, which gives him a good approach. Like the other sword users, he can also cancel his aerial momentum with his side attack to increase his survivability.

However, he has no forwards-boosting moves, which limits his horizontal recovery. In addition, the advent of techniques such as jump cancel and momentum cancel have hindered Zero's effectiveness somewhat, as he has no highly exploitable moves that match the caliber of the other top tier characters. However, Zero is still an incredibly strong character, which is why he is ranked high.


Attack Description Damage Image
Neutral attack Zero shoots with his semi-charged Zero Buster a fast green shot. It looks similar to Mega Man X's side attack, with the difference being that Zero's shot takes a brief moment to charge, meaning it has a bit of startup lag and travels slower at a lower height than X's. 6% SSF Zero standard attack.png
Side attack Zero directly hits with his Zero Buster. Holding down the attack button makes Zero deliver an overhead slash with his Z-Saber, an attack that is also able to strike opponents behind Zero. This attack does not cause Zero to skid forward in a single use, but continuing the attack with the Z-Saber allows Zero to move as he attacks. 4% SSF Zero side attack.png
Up attack Zero slashes overhead with his Z-Saber as he performs a small leap, behaving exactly the same as his continued side attack. Holding down the attack button causes Zero to deliver a second, flipping slash. 6% SSF Zero up attack.png
Down attack Similarly to his up attack, Zero slashes overhead with his Z-Saber but without leaping. It also behaves exactly the same as his continued side attack. If Zero is holding an item, he can continuously use this attack as much as the player wants to by holding down the attack button, but otherwise, he will use his neutral attack again. 7% SSF Zero down attack.png
Down aerial Similarly to his continued up attack, Zero flips in the air as he slashes with his Z-Saber. If the player holds down the attack button, Zero will enter a somehow long hurt animation frame, where he will be unable to perform any other action other than jumping. 6% SSF Zero down aerial.png


  • Zero has the last character ID number in the SSF roster. This means that attempting to perform the skip glitch on his Target Test layout will send the player back to the character selection screen instead of advancing to another fighter's layout. This even applies if Target Test is entered through Classic or Adventure instead of Stadium.