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Join date June 27, 2017
Gender Male
Rank 22nd
Main(s) Tails
Secondary(ies) None
Skill Semi-Professional
Location Illinois, United States

Yix9 is a Semi-Professional Super Smash Flash 2 Tails player from the United States of America, Illinois, and is thought to be one of the best Tails in the world, behind Chaos0, having taken sets off of top players such as Ace2020, FearZero, Oreocacksters, Stefanjoe, Drarky, and took Chaos0 to the brink, bringing him to game 5 at Universe Classic VIII, and beating him at Redux 3.3. Yix9 is currently ranked 22nd on the FCR, and 26th on the SRC.


On the ground, Yix9 focuses on playing on the more passive side chip his opponent with Tails' semi disjoints, especially with f-tilt, tailsbot, and d-tilt. Once the opponent does get hit by one of these, he initiates his dangerous air-combos, which are his strong point. He is good at converting hits into hits into combos, only rivaled by the likes of Chaos0.

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