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Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!
YJF UME! logo.png
Logo for Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!.
Developer(s) World Entertainment Studios
Publisher(s) World Entertainment Studios
Series Yeah Jam Fury
Director(s) Willy Abeel
Producer(s) Natalie Barillaro
Designer(s) Willy Abeel
Max Churak
Kevin Su
Gregory McLeod
Programmer(s) Gregory McLeod
Dante Federici
Caroline Amaba
Stephanie Plumeri Ertz
Artist(s) Willy Abeel
Eunsil Yu (Soapbear)
Del Northern
Michelle Coraci
Cori Huang
Chris Mr. Chris Hernandez
Writer(s) Natalie Barillaro
Willy Abeel
Composer(s) Gregory McLeod
Joe Cater
Dylan Earls
Andre (Ocean-Man) Coraci
Release date December 15, 2017
Genre(s) Action, platformer, puzzle game
Mode(s) Single-player, co-op multiplayer
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Media Digital download
System requirements OS: Windows XP (Windows)/OS X Lion (10.7) (macOS)/Ubuntu 12.04 (SteamOS + Linux)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later with SSE2 capability (Windows and SteamOS + Linux)/Any Intel 64-bit (macOS)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory, 1 GB memory recommended
Storage: 1 GB available space (Windows and SteamOS + Linux)/2 GB available space (macOS)
Input methods Keyboard, mouse, gamepad

Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! is an action platformer puzzle game developed in conjunction by World Entertainment Studios (formerly WillyWorld Entertainment) and McLeodGaming, released on December 15, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux via the digital distribution platform, Steam. It is the follow-up to the Flash game previously released by the aforementioned companies, Yeah Jam Fury, and is the first game the companies released onto a digital storefront, as well as the first to be full-paid game in the history of both companies. Much like in the first game, the player must swap between three characters, Yeah, Jam and Fury, each with their own unique abilities in over 100 levels, to reach the mango at the end of each level.


Yeah standing at the start of Find That Footing, with the mango on a higher platform.

Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!'s gameplay is similar to that of its predecessor, where the player has to change between the three titular characters in order to overcome obstacles and reach the mango found at the end of each level. Each character comes with unique abilities that will need to be exploited in order to get to the righteous fruit. There is a total of 101 regular levels without counting the tutorial and credits levels. Though there are no lives, the characters may fall from the blocks, immediately "refooting" right in the last Steel Block stood on before falling.

In addition to this, there are several new gameplay elements introduced in this game. For instance, flags now have the power to lock the player into only using certain characters until passing a different flag. Additionally, certain levels feature new "gimmicks" such as time limits, restarting after falling, or mangoes locked behind a certain amount of blocks or coins that must be collected before obtaining the mango.

Controls are mostly unchanged from the first game as well: the A key is used for moving left and the D key is used for moving right while the W key is used for jumping. Depending on the key, the player can switch to a specific character; for instance, the 1 key switches to Yeah, the 2 key switches to Jam and the 3 key switches to Fury. The Q and E keys cycle between them and the Z key is used for quick switching the characters. Yeah has an exclusive additional ability called the Quick Drop, which can be performed with the S key. Additionally, the M key shows the mango location in each level and the P key opens the pause menu. The game also makes great use of the computer optical mouse, as clicking is needed by default to use the special abilities of each character. The cursor takes the form of a colored arrow that works according to the character selected, and it also bears the initial of said character. Like in the previous game, all of these controls can be completely customized in the controls menu, and the player can also use a standard controller.


Official artwork of Yeah, Jam, and Fury, the three playable characters.

Playable characters

All of the playable characters play essentially the same as they did in the original game, but they have been expanded to include new abilities.

  • Yeah: The Grin in yellow-clad with a grin. His main ability is to place Yellow Blocks with the mouse cursor who were previously stored in a quota; this way, he can create new paths to overcome obstacles. He can also place a block directly beneath himself with the Quick Drop technique. He also has the highest jump of the three but at the cost of slow walking speed.
  • Jam: The Grin in blue-clad with eyes. Jam comes with his trustworthy blue mallet, which he can use to smash against the floor and gain a boost as his main ability. Angling it forwards allows him to perform long jumps with a boost of speed, whereas angling it upwards allows him boost up into the air. Jam can also temporarily walk straight up on walls a short distance before falling or jumping, but he will be unable to do this on Ice Blocks. When running up walls, he can jump or boost directly off of them. His jump height is lower than Yeah, but Jam can reach the same height by smashing the mallet upwards, and he also has the fastest running speed of the three.
  • Fury: The Grin in red-clad with eyebrows. Fury is the biggest and strongest character of the three. With his main ability to destroy Yellow Blocks by punching them, he can open new paths and store those Yellow Blocks so Yeah could place them another time. He can also destroy Ice Blocks but those cannot be stored nor restored. Fury cannot jump and he moves by hopping around, trembling the ground, which requires precision to make him land correctly. Using his tremendous weight, he can fall through blocks to destroy them in succession, but this may also be a disadvantage as his high falling speed may cause him to fall off-screen.

Supporting characters

  • Mr. Bloo: A massive, mysterious purple whale that flies through space. He hurls a large stream of rainbows and various objects towards the trio of Grins, and they must advance through this.
  • Mr. Zane: The clerk of a market that forces Yeah, Jam and Fury to pay for the mango by collecting coins scattered across the market. The trio of Grins should avoid impulsively buying something else from the market other than the mango.
  • Ms. Carrot: A mischievous ginger girl that antagonizes Yeah, Jam and Fury by complicating their mango hunt. She serves as one of the final obstacles in the game, commanding a monstrous snow creature called Mr. Snowman.
  • Mr. Super: A mysterious gigantic being whose big shimmering yellow eye is his only discernible part. There are rare chances he may appear during Style-themed levels. The absence of the background music is a certain hint for his incoming appearance.

List of levels

The level selection screen.

The game sorts all levels (except the Tutorial and Credits levels) into two lists: A-Side and B-Side. B-Side levels are more challenging variants of their respectively numbered A-Side levels, with the exception of the final level, which is exclusive to the B-Side. They are generally harder versions of their A-Side equivalents, normally adding minor alterations to increase the difficulty, but overall share the same name, save for an exception.

Levels are played in succession, coming one after another, once the last level is cleared. The player starts with the first twenty A-Side levels and the next twenty are unlocked for every twenty levels cleared (save for the first set, which requires ten levels), and the entire B-Side is unlocked after clearing every A-Side level, save for the final level, which is unlocked for clearing fifty B-Side levels.

Levels in Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!
1 - Find That Footing
2 - The Boost & Fling 1
3 - Shaft Case
4 - Wall of Face
5 - Hurdles
6 - Jacob
7 - Test Tube
8 - Coin Machine
9 - Yeah / Jam / Fury
10 - Dragon
11 - Tooth Box
12 - Stomp
13 - The Boost & Fling 2
14 - Let Yourself Fly
15 - Didn't Get the Memo
16 - Rally
17 - Catacombs
18 - Eurydice
19 - Roundabout
20 - Just Grab It
21 - 1-1
22 - Deep Dig
23 - Egg Bottle
24 - Lead Bubbles
25 - Monument
26 - Entombed
27 - Pinpoint
28 - Cheese for Rats
29 - Cape
30 - Lights Out
31 - Ice To Meet You
32 - Current
33 - Block Deposits
34 - Keep Your Cool
35 - 7-10
36 - Watching
37 - Sticks
38 - Flut
39 - Ascend
40 - Space Jam
41 - Pick a Lane
42 - Honey Combs
43 - Gloop
44 - Frying Pan
45 - Ice Skate
46 - Broken Steps
47 - Guinea Pig
48 - Orange Wedges
49 - Hit the Brakes!
50 - Oh Love
51 - Locked Box
52 - Vertigo Key
53 - Icicles
54 - Fling and Catch
55 - Aspire
56 - Frozen Fruit
57 - Stealing Teddy
58 - Just Enough
59 - Ignore The Cat
60 - Summer Budget
61 - Locking
62 - Accent
63 - Antlion
64 - Pyramid
65 - Crossing the Street
66 - Orpheus
67 - Bananas
68 - Wall Jumps
69 - Thread the Needle
70 - 5000 Blocks
71 - Popcorn
72 - Ice Boxes
73 - Half Pipe
74 - Moth
75 - Slobberknocker
76 - Mountain
77 - Long Jump
78 - Can't Get Enough
79 - Infuriate
80 - Z-Mart
81 - Storage
82 - Careful Cuts
83 - Low Ceiling
84 - Dig Stomp
85 - Macorn
86 - Lose Your Footing
87 - Breadcrumbs
88 - Fishing Holes
89 - Pirate Ship
90 - La Danse Sourir
91 - Frozen Pipe
92 - Butterflies
93 - Muncher Madness
94 - Veni Vidi Vici
95 - Babycorn
96 - Just Can't Get Enough
97 - Diminishing Returns
98 - Teamwork
99 - Cannon
100 - Happy Birthday
101 - The Ghost Lingers

Game modes

Stage Builder

Stage Builder is a game mode unlocked after clearing ten A-Side levels. It allows the player to design their own levels using a grid-based system and assets from regular levels, including objects, themes, and gimmicks, many of which must be unlocked under other criteria. Created levels can then be shared, either by uploading them to the Steam Workshop or exporting them as a separate file.

Co-op Mode

All levels in the game can be played cooperatively with up to three players at once. Each controls a single character, and all players can switch in at any time.


A comic released to announce the Steam release of Yeah Jam Fury being Greenlit.

Following the successful release of Yeah Jam Fury to Newgrounds, the game's developers grew interested in releasing the game commercially. After several small teasers, it was officially announced on September 2, 2012 that the game was planned to be released to Steam through Steam Greenlight.[1] This release would also include additional content scrapped from the initial release, including more levels, a Stage Builder, replays, more unlockable content, and the ability to import save data from the browser version of the game. The Steam Greenlight page for the game launched the same day.

In 2013, the developers learned of the Nintendo Web Framework, a toolset allowing web-based games to more easily be ported to the Wii U. After applying and getting accepted for it, the developers decided instead to remake the game from the ground up in HTML5.[2] This would include updating the game visually as well, with the three titular characters receiving new designs accordingly.[3]

During development of the remake, several new gameplay features such as Ice Blocks and locking flags were implemented, and new levels were designed to take advantage of them. Eventually, the new levels designed around these features outnumbered the original game's levels, and the developers believed that the remake could stand on its own as a new game entirely.[3] Thus, the developers worked to give it more features and content to make it worthy of being a console game, such as more characters and tougher challenges.[4] On July 29, 2014, the new game was teased on Facebook with pictures revealing its new graphical style, the addition of Ms. Carrot, and the game's Wii U release.[5] In May 2015, the Steam release of Yeah Jam Fury was Greenlit, prompting the developers to release the new game to Steam as well.[6]

Due to the scope of the game and interference with the developers' personal lives, development for the game from 2013 to 2016 was slow. Eventually, the Wii U version of the game was cancelled to focus on one platform, as well as due to graphical limitations of HTML5. In order to finish the game sooner, Gregory McLeod quit his job as a web developer in 2017 to work full-time on programming the game.[2] The game and its title were formally revealed on October 25, 2017 as a combined remake and sequel (dubbed "requel"[3]) to the original game, featuring over 100 new and old levels with new and refined mechanics, among other features.[7] The game would eventually release on Steam on December 15, 2017.






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