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The X Tournament Series, often shortened simply as X, was an online tournament series, founded by Doqtor Kirby, and built upon by the Super Smash Flash 2 community. The X Tournament Series ran a total of 23 events (27 counting Q Tournament Series events, and 30 counting the three one-shot events after its conclusion): eighteen monthlies, one annual event, and four qualifiers. The X Tournament Series was discontinued after its fifth monthly event in the 2016 Season.


A New Ranking Concept


X Tournament Series' old 2015 logo.

The X series began as a brainstorming project to find a way to more accurately rank players in the Super Smash Flash 2 community. The first ranking concept was complete on 27 October 2014, and ranked 4 top players by tournament placing. Later, a revision was made to rank players by set count instead of tournament placing. Doqtor Kirby then decided he needed more and more accurate data, so on 4 December 2014, the X series was born as a monthly series; and the first monthly ran on 27 December 2014. As it turned out later on, the ranking system was easily exploitable by tournament attendance, and Doqtor Kirby rewrote the system a third time.

Patches in the ranking system

A couple of monthlies in, unveiled before X3 was the X Scoring System version 2. This one fixed the largest exploit being the number of tournaments attended affected your score, by taking the total score and dividing it by the number of tournaments attended. This worked well for a while, until it was discovered that high-scoring tournaments had a higher value when determining the score, which meant a higher score overall. This was fixed in the X Scoring System version 2.1 by simply dividing the number of sets instead.

The ranking system becomes personal

Coming upon the crossover tournament Smash Island X, Doqtor Kirby teased a new revision to the X Scoring System. This new revision, called the X Scoring System version 3.0, would be implemented and the first tournament to be scored under this new system would be Smash Island X. As the system was not compatible or importable from the previous revision, the X Scoring System version 2.1 was kept for historical reason, and Doqtor Kirby did not wish to scrap a third of the entire year. Later, Doqtor Kirby announced that version 3.0 will not be used in production until after the 2015 season.

One year later


The X Tournament Series' new logo, used for the 2016 season.

Doqtor Kirby celebrated a successful 2015 season and a win against Corvid to secure a second season for the X Tournament Series. With it came numerous overhauls to the ruleset and methods, and introduced a new logo. It was also announced that the event numbering will start over from one. The 2016 Season also introduced Brawl Minus as a regular event, alongside SSF2.


After multiple controversies, declining attendance, and a growing apathy towards 0.9b's tournament scene, Doqtor Kirby discontinued the series after X5: Eirin. Despite this, the second crossover event, Smash Island X: Act II, was still scheduled in July; and ironically the last two events of the monthly series, X4: Merlin and X5: Eirin, had the highest entrant counts in the entire Series. After the discontinuation, three more one-shot events were held using the X Tournament Series name; those events being EPILOGUE, and HOPE and DESPAIR.

Following the final set of DESPAIR, Doqtor Kirby announced reduX for SSF2 Beta.

X Series staff

Tournament organizing staff

  • Doqtor Kirby
  • Dark Ermac
  • RemPrower

Streaming staff

  • Doqtor Kirby
  • RemPrower
  • SoldierSunday

Scoring staff

  • Doqtor Kirby
  • Miracle--7
  • Chaunch
  • Gosick

List of tournaments

2015 Season

2016 Season

One-shot events

Minor or Qualifier Events

Q Tournament Series

Before X9, Doqtor Kirby organized a spinoff of the X Tournament Series. Called the Q Tournament Series, it focused on running doubles events. Q Series events were planned to be scored during the 2016 season, however no events were organized.


  • The X Tournament Series was put on the line against Corvid's Crow's Nest in a first to five Salty Suite set at X Annual 2015. Doqtor Kirby won the set 5-3.
  • Q4's mascot character was planned to be Merlin Prismriver, but since Q4 was cancelled, this never happened. However, due to an anomaly in the mascot selection Merlin also appeared in X4.

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