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World of Starcraft
World of Starcraft (Old).png
Title screen.
Directed by Gregory McLeod
Produced by Gregory McLeod
Written by Gregory McLeod
Distributed by McLeodGaming
Release date June 10, 2005
Animation Flash
Language English

World of Starcraft: Episode 1, also called Episode 1: "Where's Steve?", is the original first episode of World of Starcraft made by Gregory McLeod and published by McLeodGaming. Due to its horrible quality, Gregory McLeod eventually remade the episode from the ground up.


The story begins at Steve's house, where he is admiring his Marine of the Month Award on the wall. He then hears his doorbell ring and goes to answer the door, where he finds a Ghost. He asks if someone called for an exterminator and then disappears, and Steve decides to ignore it. Then the phone rings, and Steve answers because it could be his commander with another mission to defeat the Zerglings, an alien race with drones that turn into buildings. He answers the phone to a person mistaking his number for a pizza restaurant and hangs up. The phone rings again, and he answers to a dial tone. The phone rings a third time, and Steve lets the answering machine run. His friend Bob had called and tells him a joke that he does not say correctly.

Later, during a battle at the Zergling Frontier, the Terrans are losing to the Zerglings, and the sarge of the former's army is bleeding on the ground. He wonders where Steve and Ghost are, because they should be here with reinforcements. He calls for a nuclear launch, but the advisor informs him that they don't have the materials to afford a nuclear launch. It is then revealed that Steve is at home watching Family Guy, ending the cartoon.


  • World of Starcraft: Episode 1 is currently the only cartoon of McLeodGaming to be remade.
  • This is currently the only cartoon of McLeodGaming to be voiced using a computer.

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