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This article is about the stage. For tournaments in Super Smash Flash 2, see Tournament.
World Tournament
SSF2 World Tournament.png
Dragon Ball symbol.svg
World Tournament in Super Smash Flash 2.
Universe Dragon Ball
Appearance Super Smash Flash 2
Home stage for Goku (Super Smash Flash 2)
Size Medium/Large (depending on stage hazard)
Availability Unlockable
Unlock criteria Play 15 Group matches, or complete Classic with Goku on Hard difficulty or higher without using any continues.
Music track(s)
  • Ultimate Battle
Tournament legality Banned

World Tournament, alternatively known as the World Martial Arts Tournament (天下一武道会), is an unlockable stage that represents the Dragon Ball universe in Super Smash Flash 2 and serves as one of the home stages for Goku.


Goku being disqualified for stepping in the grass.

With stage hazards turned on, World Tournament is confined to the white marble ring in the center of the stage, similar to Final Destination and its variants. Stepping outside of the ring will result in the immediate loss of a stock, mirroring the rules of the original tournament.

Without stage hazards, the area of play gets much larger, with the grass no longer resulting in a penalty.


  • The main music track is CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (チャラ・ヘッチャラ), a 16-bit remix from the Dragon Ball Z anime.
  • The alternate music track is Ultimate Battle (究極の聖戦), a techno remix from the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Tournament legality

Ironically, World Tournament is unsuitable for tournament play.

With hazards off, it is a large walk-off stage, which encourages camping and has no form of off-stage play and very little ledge play.

With hazards turned on, though it is no longer a walk-off, the lower blast line is, in function, inexcusably close to the stage, with the side blast lines disproportionately far away. With this in mind, characters that tend to score KOs off of the sides and top are at a severe disadvantage against characters that instead tend to score KOs by gimping the opponent's recovery. For example, Sandbag is normally balanced by his inability to grab ledges. However, the small distance between the ledges and blast lines here, combined with Sandbag's large attack power, makes him overwhelming on this stage. This is especially overly advantageous compared to characters such as Falco, whose usual KO method of using his down aerial offstage is almost guaranteed to result in a self-destruct due to his high falling speed and lack of space to recover afterwards present on other stages.

Furthermore, even if the blast line were disregarded, the stage layout is redundant due to the presence of both Final Destination and Waiting Room.


The World Tournament arena in Dragon Ball.

The World Martial Arts Tournament, or Tenkaichi Budokai, is a recurring event in the Dragon Ball series that occurs every five years. The rules are simple; the opponents fight in hand-to-hand combat in order to either knock the opponent unconscious or send them out of the ring. Using weapons (with the exception of natural weapons such as claws or Ki Blasts), killing the opponent outright, or touching the grass outside of the ring will result in disqualification.

The tournament appeared three times in the original Dragon Ball, with Son Goku entering all three. The arena and surrounding area was destroyed entirely during Goku's battle against Piccolo, but was later rebuilt towards the end of Dragon Ball Z, where Son Gohan entered instead.

The preview image of the hazardous version of the mod in Project M.

As a Super Smash Bros. stage, the World Tournament stage began as a Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod by Mewtwo2000, the lead stage creator of Project M. Though it was not part of PM itself, it was nevertheless very popular and a part of many personal builds. Like in SSF2, it had two versions available: one with the blast line aligned directly with the grass, and one where the grass was safe.