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The windbox from Vanish blowing Fox under the stage, rendering him unable to recover.

Wind is an effect in Super Smash Flash 2 produced by certain moves. Hitboxes that deal the wind effect are commonly referred to as windboxes. Unlike other effects, Wind will cause opponents to flinch, but instead just do knockback. Most wind attacks do not deal damage, and depending on the move, may send the opponent away or towards the attacker.

Elements that possess windboxes


Character Move Notes
Ichigo Kōtei-ki Tōshin Only the hitboxes below and above Ichigo's sword are windboxes.
Kirby Inhale The visual effect in front of Kirby during the attack is a windbox.
Luffy Gum-Gum Balloon N/A
Link Gale Boomerang Only when returning to Link.
Mr. Game & Watch Down tilt Only the hitboxes above Mr. Game & Watch deal the wind effect.
Up aerial
Down taunt N/A
Ness PSI Magnet
PAC-MAN Fire Hydrant Only the water projectiles deal the wind effect.
Rayman Helicopter Only the startup deals the wind effect.
Ryu Shinku Hadoken N/A
Samus Zero Laser
Sheik Vanish Only the last hit has a windbox.
Waluigi Waluigi Dice #2 N/A
Zero Suit Samus Crystal Flash


Stage hazards Move
Dream Land Whispy Woods
Krazoa Palace Fans


Boss Move
Master Hand Wind



Early designs