Willyworld 1
Yeah standing at the start of the level.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Theme Style
Level number 31

Willyworld is the thirty-first level of Yeah Jam Fury. To access it, the player must clear every level from Find Your Footing to n.


This level takes place on top of a large collection of Lead Blocks in the shape of a head with two eyes and a large mouth. There are several Yellow Blocks inside, two of which are on the right and can be destroyed with Fury from the outside. The player can access the inside of the head from the bottom, which they must use Yeah to reach by placing the blocks accordingly. The mango is located inside the mouth, and it can only be accessed by breaking the Yellow Blocks on the bottom of the mouth with Fury.



  • The name of this level is a reference to Willy World Entertainment (now called World Entertainment Studios), the developer of this game alongside McLeodGaming. The level itself is shaped like the developer's former logo.
  • Beating this level with eleven Yellow Blocks stored will unlock the "Worldly Treasures" trochieval.
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