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SSF2 Whirluigi.png
Mario symbol.svg
Waluigi using Whirluigi.
Universe Mario
User(s) Waluigi (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Waluigi twirls into the air, damaging opponents on his way.

Whirluigi is Waluigi's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Waluigi lifts one of his legs behind his back and quickly twirls into the air, posing in his signature Γ shape at the height of his ascent. The attack can be aimed straight upwards or diagonally left or right, and it will leave Waluigi helpless after usage. On the way up, Waluigi can hit opponents up to once before the move ends. Opponents hit as Waluigi ascends are dealt 3% damage and weak knockback, but there is also a sweet spot at the end of the move that deals 20% damage and strong knockback as Waluigi's signature emblem briefly appears.


Waluigi using Whirluigi in Mario Power Tennis.

Whirluigi is Waluigi's Offensive Power Shot in Mario Power Tennis and Mario Tennis: Power Tour. Waluigi jumps in the air in his signature Γ shape and spins around, generating a cyclone around him, and hits the ball with it. This causes the ball to greatly curve over the net, and opponents who hit it without a Defensive Power Shot get knocked back a few feet and spin around crazily, hindering their movement while also causing them to lose any Power Shots they may have had on hand.

Functionally, the move is designed to be based on Luigi's Super Jump Punch, except with a sweet spot at the end instead of the beginning. This is a reference to Waluigi's design as Luigi's evil rival.



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Up special move Whirluigi
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