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This article is about Welltaro's appearance in Fraymakers. For general information about the character, see Welltaro.
in Fraymakers
Fraymakers Welltaro.png
Welltaro's official artwork.

Welltaro is a playable character in Fraymakers. He was unveiled alongside the game's Kickstarter campaign and is planned to be made available at the launch of its Early Access release.

Hailing from the game Downwell, Welltaro's playstyle revolves around launching vertical projectiles often with the ability to spike midair opponents, while dealing powerful damage. His primary weapon is his gunboots, which allow him to fire bullets and other projectiles from the heels of his feet. He uses them in many parts of his moveset, including his special moves, down aerial, and airdash, as well as his midair jumps. He also utilizes various weapons, upgrades, and styles that appear in Downwell. One of Welltaro's unique mechanics is that his gunboots have a limited supply of ammunition for launching projectiles, which can be refilled by landing on the ground or hitting opponents with his aerial attacks.


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Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack Strikes with his arms twice, then flails his arms forwards using the Arm Spin Style, ending by swinging both down. TBA
Forward tilt Kicks his legs forward while using the Handstand Style.
Up tilt Leaps backward using the Handstand Style and kicks above him.
Down tilt Performs a sweeping kick on both sides of him.
Dash attack Does a rolling somersault using the Boulder Style.
Forward strong TBA
Up strong Utilizes Shotgun, firing scattered bullets upwards while performing a handstand using the Handstand Style.
Down strong Stomps the ground and creates explosions on either side of him. Based on the Gunpowder Blocks upgrade.

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Performs two spinning kicks around him, one foot after another, while expelling fire from his gunboots. The second hit is stronger than the first. Based on the Safety Jetpack upgrade. TBA
Forward aerial Performs an axe kick while expelling fire. Based on the Safety Jetpack upgrade.
Back aerial Kicks behind him.
Up aerial Kicks upwards while expelling fire. Based on the Safety Jetpack upgrade.
Down aerial Utilizes Puncher, firing three bullets downwards.

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Reaches forward with both hands. TBA
Pummel TBA
Forward throw Knees the opponent twice, boosting forward slightly.
Back throw Carries the opponent behind him and kicks them away.
Up throw TBA
Down throw

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Kicks in front of and then behind him as he stands up. TBA
Ledge attack Kicks both legs across the ground.

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Neutral special move Heart Balloon Produces a heart-shaped balloon attached to himself to reduce his gravity, allowing Welltaro to extend his aerial combos. TBA
Side special move TBA
Up special move Rocket Jump Creates an explosion below him, using it to launch himself straight upwards.
Down special move Laser Shoot a wide laser straight downwards from his gunboots. Has an extremely long range.
Super Attack TBA


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