Water Wave
Mega Man symbol
Mega Man firing the Water Wave.
Universe Mega Man
User(s) SSF2 Mega Man head
Effect Mega Man fires a small projectile at the ground, which then transforms into waves that damage opponents.

Water Wave (ウォーターウェーブ) is Mega Man's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Mega Man fires a very weak blue projectile into the air that falls steeply downwards, dealing 1% damage to any opponents it makes contact with on the way down. If it comes in contact with the ground, it then transforms into ten small, medium-ranged waves that have individually rise upward from the ground. The waves deal 5% water damage each with small knockback and wind pushing upward, allowing for damage to rack up quickly. A few seconds after using the move, a visual effect and sound will play to indicate when Mega Man can use the move again. The move is an excellent edgeguarding or edge covering move, as the waves can either prevent opponents from getting up from the ledge or cover Mega Man's approach to the edge.


MM5 Water Wave

Artwork of Mega Man shooting a Water Wave in Mega Man 5.

The Water Wave is a weapon acquired by defeating Wave Man in Mega Man 5. In this game, the player can send out three water spouts as a small wave across the floor that can absorb some enemy projectiles. It will stop when it hits an enemy that is strong enough to sustain the hit, or when it hits a wall. When it reaches a ledge, it will fall off and continue to move across the floor beneath it, provided there is one. The waves can only be fired when the player is in contact with the ground and cannot be used in the air, on a levitating platform, or at the very end of a ledge. In SSF2, it works very similarly to its Mega Man 5 counterpart, except the player can use the move in the air and the waves will stop after a certain period of time. Additionally, instead of stopping at walls and traveling down ledges, the waves strangely tend to travel up walls and stop at ledges.




  • Prior to Beta, Mega Man's down special move was instead Weapon Change. It was changed to Water Wave with the overhaul of Mega Man's sprites and moveset in Beta.
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