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The Watcher.png
The Watcher as she appears in Slay the Spire.
First appearance Slay the Spire (2019, beta branch; 2020, patch V2.0)
MG appearance(s) Fraymakers
Species Human
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Company MegaCrit

The Watcher is the fourth playable character in the rougelike deck-building game Slay the Spire, and she appears as a playable character in Fraymakers.

Character description

The Watcher is a blind ascetic and monk whose goal is to climb and destroy the Spire, a tower filled with monsters and relics and powered by the Corrupt Heart. She wields a long seeing staff and is a master of the four divine stances that give her unique abilities when entered, including Calm, in which she gains energy upon exiting; Wrath, in which she deals twice as much damage as normal; Divinity, in which she gains energy upon entering and deals three times as much damage as normal; and Empty, which has no effect. She is also capable of scrying, which allows her to look at a certain number of cards on top of her draw pile and discard any number of them without reshuffling the deck.

In Fraymakers

MG icon.svg Main article: The Watcher (Fraymakers)

The Watcher's official artwork for Fraymakers.

The Watcher appears as a playable character in Fraymakers and is among the six characters initially revealed for the game. Her moveset takes advantage of the Calm and Wrath stances she uses in Slay the Spire, which can be used to alter her physics and enter the Divinity stance by utilizing both.