Black Mage using Warp.
User(s) SSF2 Black Mage head
Effect Black Mage creates a green ring that he can set the location of, before teleporting directly to it.

Warp, known in Japan as Dezone (デジョン), is Black Mage's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, a large, glowing red circle will appear around Black Mage and a smaller green ring will appear from it, which the can move with the directional buttons. After a certain period of time or after the special button is released, the Black Mage will quickly teleport to the green ring, which will then make him helpless. The longer the special button is held, the farther the ring could go, assuming the player doesn't move it back in the direction it came from at all. It is one of the best recoveries in the game if Black Mage uses the maximum distance, especially when he is falling, making it very hard to KO Black Mage with a meteor smash or a semi-spike. It also slows Black Mage's descent in the air while being used, making it safer to take the full-time to move the ring off-stage. However, its vulnerability during startup and predictability limits its usefulness a bit, despite the very long range. To counter this, he can change the direction his warp ring moves, confusing opponents, though this will limit how far he travels.


FFII iPod Warp Map

Warp being used on the map in the iPod remake of FINAL FANTASY II.

Warp is a staple spell in the FINAL FANTASY games that serves one or two functions at once, depending on the game. It originates in the first game in the series, where Warp is a level 8 Black Magic spell that can only be learned by the Black Wizard, an upgrade of the Black Mage. When performed in combat, it instantly defeats all enemies at once by banishing them to another dimension, with a moderate success rate.

Its effect in SSF2 actually originates from FINAL FANTASY II, where Warp served a similar role, but it could also be used in dungeons outside of combat, where instead of an offensive function, it instead teleports the party to previous floors depending on the level of the spell. For example, if the spell is at level 3, the party will be teleported back three floors, at the point where they exited that floor. If there are no previous floors, the party will be teleported to the world map in front of the entrance to the dungeon.



Early designs

Black Mage's special moves
Standard special move Stop
Side special move Haste
Up special move Warp
Down special move Meteor
Final Smash Warriors of Light
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