Wario Land: Shake It!
Wario Land Shake It!
Wario symbol
North American box art.
Developer(s) Good-Feel
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Series Wario
Director(s) Madoka Yamauchi
Nobuo Matsumiya
Producer(s) Takahiro Harada
Etsunobu Ebisu
Designer(s) Tsukawaki Tadanori
Programmer(s) Yagi Koichi
Mori Takanori
Kuraoka Hironori
Matsuda Yuhei
Sakamoto Naoya
Artist(s) Sue Nobuhito
Composer(s) Tomoya Tomita
Minako Hamano
Release date Wii
JPJuly 24, 2008
NASeptember 22, 2008
AUSeptember 25, 2008
EUSeptember 26, 2008
Genre(s) Platforming
Mode(s) Single-player
Ratings E for Everyone
Platform(s) Wii

Wario Land: Shake It!, known as Wario Land: The Shake Dimension in PAL regions and Wario Land Shake (ワリオランドシェイク) in Japan, is a Wario platform game developed by Good-Feel for the Nintendo Wii. The game was released in Japan on July 24, 2008 and in other regions in September 2008. It is the first Wario Land game to be released on a home video game console and succeeds Wario Land 4, which was released in 2001. The game was digitally re-released on the Wii U Nintendo eShop in PAL regions on April 7, 2016, in Japan on August 24, 2016, and in North America on November 17, 2016.

In the Super Smash Flash series


In Super Smash Flash 2, Wario's pummel animation is based on the shaking animation present in this game, where he could shake coin bags and defeated enemies to receive garlics and coins.

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