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Jigglypuff's wall of pain.

The wall of pain (often abbreviated as "WOP") is a Jigglypuff edgeguarding technique. Taking advantage of Jigglypuff's amazing aerial game, it involves barraging the opponent with fast, horizontal aerial attacks to carry them off the stage. This can be done because of Jigglypuff's great aerial mobility, combined with its aerial attacks, which have low knockback but enough hitstun to lock enemies down for a KO.

Wall of pain options

  • Onstage, Jigglypuff should approach with each attack, then pull back out of range after contact is made. This allows Jigglypuff to effectively wall itself off from opponents with her hitboxes and spacing.
  • Offstage, Jigglypuff can string its back aerials together with jumps to strike its opponent repeatedly without giving them a chance to break free. What makes this Jigglypuff technique unique is that a WOP allows it to carry or juggle an opponent horizontally, all the way to the side blast zones for early KOs.
  • Jigglypuff can also perform the technique by using its forward aerial.

Fence of pain

The fence of pain (abbreviated as "FOP") is technique similar to Jigglypuff's wall of pain. It is performed by using Kirby's back aerial consecutively in a single jump, as both an offensive and defensive maneuver. It has similar uses to the wall of pain, but has more opportunities for the enemy to escape (thus it being called a "fence" rather than a "wall.")

Pseudo wall of pain

Other characters who have multiple midair jumps such as Meta Knight and Tails can attempt to do a wall of pain. Certain characters have fast aerial attacks that may act similar to Wall of Pain, but do not have the multiple midair jumps to pull off a true Wall of Pain. They can just use aerial attacks in a consecutive manner or use the ledge and jumps to pull the maneuver off. Sonic can do a variation of this by using his downward aerial followed by a Homing Attack.