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Vine Megastrike
Vine Megastrike.png
Mario symbol.svg
Waluigi about to whip with a vine.
Universe Mario
User(s) Waluigi (Super Smash Flash 2)
Type Basic
Effect Waluigi traps his opponent with multiple vines, then, using another vine, executes an extremely strong whip.

Vine Megastrike is Waluigi's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Waluigi laughs and summons multiple thorny purple vines from his hand that extend in front of him, entangling and trapping opponents that make contact. Upon trapping opponents, Waluigi uses the vines to throw them in the air and jumps up to them. He then shouts his name and a purple vortex appears behind him, briefly transforming his face and mustache into tones of purple and white as a long white vine appears in his hand. He then delivers a powerful whip strike in front of him with the vine, dealing 40% damage and strong knockback to opponents hit. As the vortex disappears, Waluigi pulls the vine back and poses with a rose that appears from it, ending the move. If Waluigi fails to trap any opponents initially, the vines will instead fall to the floor and Waluigi will be briefly dejected, pulling the vines back as the move ends.


Waluigi using Purple Spike in Mario Strikers Charged.

Vine Megastrike originates from Mario Strikers Charged as Waluigi's Mega Strike, known as Purple Spike. When using it, Waluigi leaps high in the air, creates a deep purple vortex behind him and whips the ball with a purple whip made of thorns. The purple thorny vines Waluigi uses to trap opponents with are based on Waluigi's Super Ability from the same game, Wall-Luigi!, which increases his speed and creates vines behind him that act as a wall.

Unlike how it works in SSF2, Wall-Luigi!'s vines do not directly trap opponents but instead can be used to surround them so they cannot interfere in the match for a certain period of time. However, following the inclusion of this Final Smash in SSF2, Waluigi gained the ability to entangle opponents in these vines with his Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers: Battle League.



Waluigi's special moves
Neutral special move Waluigi Dice
Side special move Purple Torpedo
Up special move Whirluigi
Down special move Piranha Plant
Final Smash Vine Megastrike