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SSF2 Isaac - Vine.png
Golden Sun symbol.svg
Isaac using Vine.
Universe Golden Sun
User(s) Isaac (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Isaac whips two vines forward to trap opponents in place.

Vine, known in Japan as Ivy (アイヴィ), is Isaac's neutral special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Isaac summons long vines that grow out of his arms and whips them forward. If they connect with an opponent, they will constrict the opponent, stopping them in place completely. Opponents are able to break out of the trap over time or by mashing, but it will be more difficult at higher percentages. However, despite its utility, the move also has high startup and ending lag, making it risky to use overall.


Isaac using Vine in Golden Sun.

In Golden Sun, Djinn are elemental spirits found throughout the world. When obtained, each Djinni can be called in battle to produce powerful effects that no Psynergy can at the cost of going into "Standby" afterward.

Vine is the fourth Venus (Earth-aligned) Djinni available in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and the sixth available in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. When summoned in battle, it will unleash a torrent of tangling vines that will reduce the enemy party's Agility stat by 50%, the largest possible modifier.



Early designs


  • The attack was formerly referred to as Growth, which in Golden Sun is a Psynergy attack used to make sprouts grow into large vines in the overworld.
  • Vine, the Venus Djinni whose ability is used in this move, makes an appearance as one of the Venus Djinni cycled through in Isaac's standard taunt.
  • Oddly for a neutral special move, having Vine is not required to complete any of the Golden Sun games and is in fact quite easily missed, especially in the original Golden Sun, where it is a fairly well-hidden encounter in a certain area of the overworld.
  • Prior to Beta 1.2.4, opponents trapped in the vines would take more knockback when hit.
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