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SSF2 Venusaur
Pokémon symbol
Venusaur in Super Smash Flash 2.
National Pokédex number #003
Species Seed Pokémon
Type Grass/Poison
Move Earthquake

Venusaur, known in Japan as Fushigibana (フシギバナ) is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokémon. It evolves from Ivysaur starting at level 32. It is the final form of Bulbasaur. In Super Smash Flash 2, Venusaur is a Pokémon that can be released from a Poké Ball to aid the player.

Pokémon description

Venusaur is a large dinosaur-like Pokémon that is somewhat similar in appearance to its pre-evolved forms, Ivysaur and Bulbasaur. Its skin still retains a light turquoise color, but it no longer has the spots, and it appears more rough and scaly with bumps here and there. The former bulb on its back has now fully bloomed into a gigantic flower and its ears have lightened up as well.

Venusaur absorbs sunlight to gain energy and to feed its flower, located on its back. After gaining a certain amount of sunlight, the flower will release a sweet aroma said to soothe the emotions of people. Additionally, after a rainy day, the smell of the flower's aroma grows stronger, attracting other Pokémon.

Female Venusaur are slightly different because they have a seed on their back, which shows that it can give birth to a new Bulbasaur.

In Super Smash Flash 2

As stated above, Venusaur is one of the Pokémon that can be released from a Poké Ball in Super Smash Flash 2. Once it is released, Venusaur will use Earthquake, creating shockwaves around itself, that launch fighters into the air.