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Peach after using Vegetable.
Universe Mario
User(s) SSF2 Peach head
Effect Peach plucks one of various vegetables from the ground that can then be thrown at opponents.

Vegetable (野菜ひっこ抜き) is Peach's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Peach bends over and takes a moment to pull an object out of the ground, which she can then hold and throw like an item. She can use this move on any surface she can stand on, but she cannot pluck vegetables in the air. She also cannot use the move while already holding an item, including another vegetable, as attempting to do so will throw the item downward.

Turnips are the most common, and they will out-prioritize all other projectiles in the game, including those with transcendent priority. Turnips can be thrown as many times as the player wants to as long as they are caught afterwards, as they will disappear after touching the ground. There are many random faces in the turnips which do their respective damage and knockback depending on how rare they are and what expression they have, with the weakest and most common being a "happy" face, and the strongest and rarest being a "stitch" face.

There is also a chance that Peach will pluck out the Pokémon Oddish, which deals 6% damage and little knockback when thrown at opponents, as well as 2% poison damage over time. Unlike Turnips, it will not disappear after hitting the ground, instead being replanted in its landing spot. After a certain period of time in the ground, Oddish will sound its cry from the Pokémon games and start walking across the stage, dealing 3% damage with very little knockback and 1% poison damage to opponents hit. However, Oddish will disappear if it is dropped onto a platform such as those on Battlefield.

Occasionally, Peach will pull a regular item out of the ground, such as Beam Sword or Mr. Saturn, but those chances are extremely rare. Peach may also pull out nothing at all, which is also a rare occurrence.

List of vegetables

Image Name Description Damage
Vegetable - Happy Happy A turnip with normal eyes and a smile. 7%
Vegetable - Cheerful Cheerful A turnip with cheery eyes and an open mouth. 7%
Vegetable - Tired Tired A turnip with straight eyebrows, one straight and one curved upward, closed eyes and a small line mouth. 7%
Vegetable - Sad Sad A turnip with eyebrows and eyes curved outwards and a large frown. 10%
Vegetable - Angry Angry A turnip with eyebrows curved inwards, small white eyes and a frown that shows its teeth. 10%
Vegetable - Shocked Shocked A turnip with large, circular white eyes and an open mouth. 10%
Vegetable - Indifferent Indifferent A turnip with half-closed eyes looking to one side and a small line mouth. 11%
Vegetable - Winking Winking A turnip with one eye winking and one eye open with an eyelash and an one-sided smile with red lips. 16%
Vegetable - Stitch Stitch A turnip with diagonal lines for eyebrows and eyes and a frown with three vertical lines across it, which take the appearance of stitched mouth. 36%


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SMB2 Peach Vegetable

Artwork of Peach plucking a vegetable from the ground in Super Mario Bros. 2.

Vegetables are some of the main weapons in Super Mario Bros. 2, the others being various items and the enemies themselves. All four playable characters (Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach) are able to pluck vegetables and other items, such as Bob-ombs and Red Shells, from the grass in the ground and throw them. There are two kinds of vegetables in Super Mario Bros. 2, unripe (smaller) and ripe (larger), and they came in a variety of veggies and faces, such turnips, peppers, and onions; however, aside from the items that can be plucked, the only vegetables available in SSF2 are ripe turnips with various faces.



Early designs


Vegetable - Awesome

Peach holding the "Awesome Face" vegetable.

  • In version 0.7 of the demo, Peach was able pull out a golden vegetable with an "Awesome Face" on it, which was able to deal up to 105% and dealt extreme knockback. However, due to balancing concerns, as well as the very luck-based dynamic created by it, this turnip type was removed in v0.8a.
  • Vegetable, along with Hand Slap, is the only special move in Super Smash Flash 2 which cannot be used midair.
Peach's special moves
Standard special move Toad
Side special move Peach Bomber
Up special move Peach Parasol
Down special move Vegetable
Final Smash Peach Blossom
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