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  • PentagonAVTFD


    February 15, 2013 by PentagonAVTFD

    I am suggesting all users on McLeodGaming wiki to use this wiki's chat. Is is more effective than messaging and their flooded threads.
    I myself however have not tested the mobile version of the chat (since I use the mobile version on weekdays), so I may not be on 24/7. But, if you are editing on a computer, please consider going on the chat since we may be discussing something that may be lengthened (like the recent deletion candidate Pokémon Red and Green).
    For reference, please find your time zone or current time and post it in the comments.
    For me, it is 3pm in the Pacific Standard Time Zone.

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  • PentagonAVTFD

    As the title says, this is not for discussion or debate. This is just to have a little enjoyable view at my new gallery. The main page is here but i can give you a little info. Hover over the image to find out.

    Now click the image.

    Comment below to get more info or give ideas. Thanks!!! Pentagon AVTFD

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  • PentagonAVTFD

    On Screen Appearances

    February 15, 2012 by PentagonAVTFD

    If you all could help me we have an issue involving the On-Screen Appearance page.

    1. The reason I made this into a blog is so that all users could help find the animations
    2. Comments need to be limited.
    3. The animations need to be less than 400px in length.

    The incorrect animations are causing a massive space issue. This space issue is primarily caused by the Wario animation. This image needs to be subject to deletion and a much smaller one needs to replace it. If you can find one tell me on my talk page.

    Thank you!!!

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  • PentagonAVTFD

    No Kirby!

    December 26, 2011 by PentagonAVTFD

    I noticed that Mcleod forgot to make a Kirby video for v0.8. We need to tell him this, so he can make one! If there is one, please post the link below. </span> Talk to Me If You Dare 20:58, December 26, 2011 (UTC)

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