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    Alright, this is likely the final of the articles that I'm gonna make as the sort of "I'm coming clean on things" series.

    So, I'd like to emphasise that this does not represent the Union as a whole, this is purely my statement on the matter because I just wanted to cover two main things about the lockout. The intention (on my end and why I supported it) and what specifically went wrong.

    So, I pretty heavily supported the lockout and I'm gonna give a bit of background as to why. I used to be a pretty notable TO in 9b. I've since moved all my TO stuff offline and I'm now looking at running Ultimate events purely offline. However, in my time running tournaments here, there was a pretty common theme - Insomnia. Being a UK resident, almost every …

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  • CSWooly

    Hey everyone, this is Tenebrae/Strife/DSwift/CSWooly. I used to effectively run the Back Room in Beta and now I just figured I'd put this statement down so you could adjust your information regarding tier lists etc. accordingly

    Due to a number of internal incidents and other circumstances, including a lull in the competitive scene due to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's release as well as incidents including, but not limited to:

    • A lack of any real developer support due to the sub-forum section being entirely removed with none of the members being able to access it. We'd been asking TSON, who was our only developer contact within the discord for help on this matter and we basically received absolutely nothing back on it. This also removed Back Ro…
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