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Info on my Smash history

I have played around with the Super Smash Bros. series from time to time while I was growing up. I played it casually, seeing no reason to play it competitively and didn't know their was a competitive scene. During the summer of 2008, my younger brother showed me the flash game, Super Smash Flash. He enjoyed the game, even though the the mechanics and physics were bad. I would look up on if their was a sequel to the flash game.

He ended up finding the sequel and play the demos from time to time. I came back to the series during 2011 when Demo v0.7 was released. I played the game even more than usual, thanks in part to Goku's inclusion. I would continue to the play the next few demos at school when I was bored. During high school, I would meet fellow flash, 1smash18, who also goes by 1naruto14.

The beginning of 2013, is when I started getting into competitive due to playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with 1smash18 and other players. After that, I picked up demo v0.9a and started to play it competitively. I would have some matches with 1smash18 at college, but he would rather play Brawl instead due to him not having any consoles at home or some excuse. This would lead him to not returning to the college. When I received Brawl at the end of 2013 is when I started to improve a little bit in Smash. However, it wasn't until throughout 2014 when my skill at smash actually improved and became one of the best players at college. Most of my skill that I play SSF2 comes from my experience playing the main games. My skills continue to improve while playing online and playing at college with friends.

Here is a Link to my youtube channel. ZERO_OR's youtube channel

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