Favorite Characters

Characters, that I am good with.

Favorite Stages

About me

I like to be mysterious so I'm not giving information for me. Only I give is I like SSF2 and I think it's the best game ever I played. Only one thing to say.... Only like that :). Great sprites, great glowing effect, everything is great in that game.QUACK QUACK!

One wiki Tutorial

You wonder how I make thing like {{SSF2|Mario}}? Well, I'm gonna help ya!

1.You need to make two of "{".

2.Then you must write SSF2.

3.Make a "|". To make this, hold down Shift and \ .

4.Write the character's name.

5.Make two of "}".

6.You are done.

Hope it helped =)

Starting Fresh

I can't log in here for reason unkown,soo i made anothere profile.SomeSprites(witch is my channel name on youtube)Soo this is it.

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