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Why Luffy should be in SSF2

It's common knowledge that Monkey D. Luffy, a part of the Shonen Trilogy, is part of a huge controversary surrounding whether or not he should be included or not in the game. So, I've taken it upon myself to debunk and comment on the arguments I've heard frequently.

Frequently Mentioned Arguments

Luffy does not fit in well with the game.

Yeah, Luffy doesn't fit in!

Luffy Signature 2

His moveset is overpowered.

If Goku is in the game, anyone can. Except Superman.

What does he offer to the game? A creative moveset I long to play as.

He can't swim! If Sonic is in the game, anyone can. Except Big the Cat.

There aren't good enough sprites for him to appear in the game. Go to "Luffy does not fit in well with the game."

Also, they can make custom sprites for him.

What about ponies? I don't think they fit requirements..

They already attempted to fool us with him, I doubt it. That should be a good thing, honestly.

He'll be a assist trophy. So far the anime ATs are either secondary main characters, and the Death Note main character, I bet because his moveset would be harder to figure out. I bet that the Assist Trophy will either be Zoro, or Sakura.

Ichigo is more important than Luffy. Bleach is a excellent manga, but Luffy, Naruto, and Goku are the big 3. Also, Goku, Toriko, and Luffy had a crossover, so if you're going by importance Toriko could very well be in.


There's never enough anime! After Luffy we need Inuyasha, Yugi, Ash, Toriko, Sgt. Frog, Doraemon...*rambles on*

The worst argument? He's not popular enough.

Here's a quote from a user that pretty much sums it up.

Seriously, why is Luffy trashed so much around here? He's easily the most deserving of any anime character. Here are the worldwide sales figures from 2013:

One Piece: 18,151,599
Naruto: 5,553,933
Bleach: 2,752,588'  - Kamaitachi


"Plus, most people that don't read/watch manga/anime know who Goku, Ichigo, and Naruto are without even seeing it, while no one know who Luffy is." - Unknown

One Piece: 18,151,599

'"And the reason why I don't think Luffy will be making it is because not alot of people would be very intrested in him" - '☻Danny☻

One Piece: 18,151,599

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