aka Carlos Manuel Villar

  • I live in Los Angeles
  • I was born on December 19
  • I am Male

Hello! My name is Carlos Manuel Villar, and I'm here to edit up the article pages whether its an error. Anything, but do it right. ^_^

And yes, I'm the biggest fan of Super Smash Bros. series!

My favorite characters in Super Smash Flash

SSF Blade icon SSF Blue icon SSF Super Sonic icon SSF Lloyd icon SSF Crono icon SSF Cloud icon SSF InuYasha icon SSF Naruto icon

My favorite characters in Super Smash Flash 2

SSF2 Isaac icon SSF2 Tails icon SSF2 Lloyd icon SSF2 Black Mage icon SSF2 Sora icon SSF2 Goku icon SSF2 Luffy icon SSF2 Ichigo icon

My mostly favorite stages played in Super Smash Flash 2

My best to worst of the Super Smash Bros. series

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