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  • I live in The UK.
  • I am Male
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"Always assume the worst will happen and prepare adequately"
Also known as DSwift, Tenebrae
Join date 29th July 2014
Gender Male
Main role Acting Backroom Leader, Flash Assembly Leader, TO
Rank Non-existent
SSF2 Mains Mega Man
Secondaries Basically everyone.
Crews Team Star Flash, Team reduX
Former crews Straight Outta Flash, Refuge eSports
Skill Decent
Birth date A long time ago in a galaxy far away.
Location UK.

Basic Info

Let's have a list.

  • I'm British.
  • I basically run the Back Room.
  • I basically the boss of the character discords.
  • I'm a tournament organiser in the union. Thusly, I'm usually very tired.

Other Smash Games

I play Smash 4 competitively. Cloud/Bowser.

To be honest, SF is where it's at. I still need to learn Yang.

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