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Pit using his up tilt.

An up tilt is an attack in Super Smash Flash 2 that is done by pressing the jump (or up, if tap jump is enabled) button and attack button. Using the move with such input usually end up by forcing the character to perform up aerial or up smash instead, but as of demo v0.8b, by pressing the forward button, the up/jump button, and the attack button at same time, an up tilt is performed, making it easier to perform. It usually launches upwards, like the up smash, but it is much weaker, and it helps in combos and, to a lesser extent, juggling.

List of up tilts

Character Description Damage
Bandana Dee Swings his spear upwards in an arc. 7%
Black Mage Performs a Goblin Punch above himself in an arc. 9%
Bomberman While spinning, executes a roundhouse kick upward once. 7%
Bowser Swings his claw above him in an arc. 11%
Captain Falcon Brings his leg straight up, then drops it down in front of himself. 13%
Chibi-Robo Swings his head back. 9%
Donkey Kong Swings his arm above himself in an arc to the ground. 9%
Falco Flicks a leg up in the air behind himself. 9%
Fox Gets on all fours, then flicks a leg up in the air behind himself. 10%
Ganondorf Raises his leg and brings it down hard in an axe kick. The attack can be held in order to delay the kick. 16%
Goku Punches upwards diagonally in front of himself. 6%
Ichigo Slashes over his head in an arc while facing forward. 9%
Isaac Raises his hands, which makes Punji sticks grow in front of him. 7%
Jigglypuff Flicks her foot behind herself while bending over. 7%
Kirby Flicks his foot up into the air behind himself. 5%
Krystal Swings her tail upwards. Very low range. 10%
Link Slashes above himself with the Master Sword in a wide arc while facing the screen. 9%
Lloyd Slashes above himself in a wide arc with his back towards the screen at the start of the arc. 9%
Lucario A crescent kick above him. 3%
Luffy Stretches his arm upwards diagonally in front of himself and punches with it. 7%
Luigi Swipes over his head with his fist. 9%
Mario Performs an uppercut while spinning in place. 8%
Marth Swings his sword in a large arc above his head from front to back. 9%
Mega Man Performs an uppercut while jumping and facing the screen. Based on the Mega Upper from Marvel vs. Capcom. 8%
Meta Knight Swipes Galaxia up into the air while spinning and jumping. 7%
Mr. Game & Watch Waves a flag with the number one above him in an arc. Based on Flagman. 7%
Naruto Stands on his hands while kicking in a 360° arc with both legs. 8%
Ness Performs a volley strike with PK energy up in the air right above himself with a little jump. 7%
PAC-MAN Performs an upwards headbutt. 7%
Peach Raises one hand straight in the air, which releases a small heart-shaped explosion while facing the screen and winking. 12%
Pichu Swings its tail upwards in an arc while facing the screen and looking at its tail. 9%
Pikachu Swings his tail upwards in an arc while facing the screen and looking at his tail. 9%
Pit Performs a backflip kick followed by a stretch kick. 4%
Rayman Spins his body while kicking in an arc above him with both of his feet. Has a blindspot at the back. 7%
Ryu The sok ngat, an uppercut-style elbow strike used in Muay Thai. 2%
An uppercut. 12%
Samus Brings her leg straight up, then slams it in front of herself. 13%
Sandbag Headbutts upwards. 13%
Sheik Kicks straight upwards, then brings her leg down for a second kick. 6%
Simon Does a hook upwards. Low range. 7%
Sonic Performs an upwards scissor-kick in front of himself. 4%
Sora Does a jump from the ground while swiping his keyblade upwards in an arc. 7%
Tails Jumps with his rear in the air while spinning his tails, hitting up to four times. 1%
Waluigi Punches diagonally upwards. 10%
Wario Raises both hands parallel into the air while facing the screen. 11%
Yoshi Turns around, then tilts his tail up into the air. 10%
Zelda Waves her arm embedded in magic in a circle in front of herself. 13%
Zero Suit Samus Performs a handstand split while spinning in place. 5%