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Sonic using his up attack.

An up attack in Super Smash Flash, called air attack upward within the How to Play section (despite not being completely aerial-restricted), is an attack that is performed by pressing the attack button with putting the up key. Despite the name, the up attack is not truly an equivalent to the up special move found in the official Super Smash Bros. games, as attacks within this range include high attacks, like high kicks and upward punches, that can attack opponents in the air. Also, whereas up specials can be used for recovering, up attacks fail to be actual recovery moves, as they do not provide an additional jump or similar means to get back on the stage.

Due to the game's physics, every character's up attack shares damage values with the fighter's down aerial, and, due to that, will always knock opponents at a vertical angle.

Characters whose attack cooldown stat is lower than their attack length stat will perform their down aerial animation (albeit still with the up attack's attackbox properties) after an air attack upward if the attack button and the directional input stay held. Other characters will instead enter a small cooldown time (time varies from character to character) where they cannot attack at all, but can still move.

List of up attacks

The following is a list of all the up attacks in SSF per character, with a brief description, the amount of damage per frame dealt, and a explanation related to whether or not the attack contains a projectile. Every character uses their attack boost stat as their default speed during this move.

Up attacks in Super Smash Flash
Character P Description Damage
Blade No Delivers a quick upward slash. 6%
Blue No Delivers a quick upward slash. 7%
Captain Falcon No Delivers a direct flaming uppercut with Raptor Boost, by holding the attack button, he will deliver a motionless diving flameless Falcon Kick. 6%
Cloud No Raises and holds his Buster Sword directly above him. 5%
Crono No Swings his katana in an arc over his head. 6%
Fox No Delivers a high kick. 5%
InuYasha No Uses Sankon Tessō to extend the range of his claws and directly scratches upwards. 6%
Jigglypuff No Performs an upward pit point kick. 5%
Kirby No Performs an arched high kick, holding the button causes him to rapidly stomp the floor with both feet in quick succession. 6%
Knuckles No Throws an uppercut.
Link No Thrusts the Master Sword upwards. 4%
Lloyd No Performs a single circling slash with Tempest, covering his whole body.
Luigi No Jumps and kicks upwards. 7%
Mario No Jumps and kicks upwards.
Mega Man X Yes Shoots with his semi-charged X-Buster at an upward angle. 4%
Meta Knight No Stabs with Galaxia upwards. 6%
Mewtwo No Uses Disable, producing a psychic spark that semicircles above its head.
Mr. Game & Watch No Headbutts with a diving helmet, swinging his head from side to side. 5%
Mr. Incredible No Deliver a more powerful super uppercut. 6%
Naruto No Delivers a high kick, emitting a shockwave from his foot that extends directly upwards above him. 3%
Pikachu No Flips itself, hitting opponents with its body and its tail. 4%
Samus Yes Rapidly fires multiple shots from her arm cannon in a similar way to a machine gun at an upward angle. 6%
Shadow No Throws a high kick. 4%
Sheik No Rapidly spins clockwise. 6%
Sonic No Flips around and performs an arched kick. 5%
Super Sonic No Flips around and performs an arched kick. 6%
Tails Yes Curls up and fires a ball directly upwards with his Energy Ball. 4%
Young Link No Thrusts the Kokiri Sword upwards.
Zelda No Perform an upwards Lightning Kick, a kick that she delivers with a shine coming from her heel.
Zero No Slashes overhead with his Z-Saber as he performs a small leap. 6%