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Unnamed Mega Man level
Mega Man symbol.svg
Mega Man and Dr. Wily on a purported image depicting the level; possibly for the final level.
Game Super Smash Flash 2
Universe Mega Man
Unnamed Mega Man level

A level based on the Mega Man series was originally planned to appear in Adventure mode for Super Smash Flash 2. It was initially revealed in the fourth Smash Flash DOJO!!! prior to its fifth renovation, but along with Adventure, its current fate is a mystery. The name of this level has not been revealed.


The level itself has never existed, nor has it ever been properly made to be playable in the game. The several images revealed for the level were all purported images created by developers to exemplify how Dr. Wily would have functioned as a boss in SSF2. This was a common practice for developers for still-uncoded game modes. The aforementioned images show Mega Man fighting Dr. Wily in his Wily Capsule, and many of Dr. Wily's attacks are shown off.

The background is, in reality, a ripped background, coming from Mega Man 7.