Notice - Waiting Room

Waiting Room's unlock notice.

An unlockable stage is a stage in the Super Smash Flash series that is not available at the start of the game (unlike a starter stage), but must be unlocked. Like an unlockable character, it is required to accomplish a particular in-game feat and once completed, a notice will be shown, telling the player that the stage has been unlocked.

In Super Smash Flash

Stage Universe Criteria
Battlefield Super Smash Bros. Clear All-Star with any character.
Final Destination Super Smash Bros. Unlock all characters.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Stage Universe Criteria
Devil's Machine EarthBound EarthBound symbol With Ness's eleventh costume, self-destruct three times in a Group match.
Final Valley Naruto Naruto symbol Clear event #12: Shadow Clone Showdown.
Hyrule Castle The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda symbol Complete Classic with Link, Zelda, or Sheik on Normal difficulty or higher without using any continues.
Krazoa Palace Star Fox Star Fox symbol Clear Crystal Smash in under one minute.
Meta Crystal Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. symbol Complete Classic on Hard difficulty or higher without using any continues.
Mushroom Kingdom Mario Mario symbol Complete Classic for the first time.
Saffron City Pokémon Pokémon symbol Complete Classic with Jigglypuff.
Sky Pillar Pokémon Pokémon symbol Release Jirachi from a Poké Ball or Master Ball in a Group match.
Steel Diver Steel Diver Steel Diver symbol Get a total of 20 KOs or self-destructs in the bottom blast line on Gangplank Galleon, Lake of Rage, or Planet Namek.
The World That Never Was KINGDOM HEARTS KINGDOM HEARTS symbol Clear event #21: Battle of the 99 Heartless?.
Urban Champion Urban Champion Urban Champion symbol Complete Classic with a score of 550,000 points or higher.
Waiting Room Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. symbol Play any Group match with Sandbag participating.
World Tournament Dragon Ball Dragon Ball symbol Play 15 Group matches, or complete Classic with Goku on Hard difficulty or higher without using any continues.

In demo versions

These stages were made unlockable when first introduced in their respective demo versions:

Stage Universe Criteria Version
Chaos Shrine FINAL FANTASY FINAL FANTASY symbol Unlock Black Mage. 0.7
Clock Town The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda symbol Clear Target Smash with all 19 starter characters and accumulate a total best time of less than 5 minutes. 0.8
Sand Ocean F-Zero F-Zero symbol Win 10 Group matches as Captain Falcon.
Desk Chibi-Robo! Chibi-Robo! symbol Clear event #26: Cleaning Duty. Beta 1.0.0


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