SSF2 Unira
Unira in Super Smash Flash 2.
Universe Clu Clu Land
Appearance Super Smash Flash 2
Item class Throwing
In-game description When thrown, this urchin will extend its spikes.

Unira (ウニラ) is an item in Super Smash Flash 2 originated from Clu Clu Land.


Once released, it remains as a ball for a short time. After a brief moment, its spikes come out. The only means of moving it is by using powerful attacks that send it flying for a short distance. Depending on how hard somebody hits it and how fast it is moving, it can be a damaging and/or devastating item to be hit by.


Unira in Clu Clu Land

A Unira in Clu Clu Land (lower left).

Unira is a race of urchins from the game Clu Clu Land, in this game, they stole and hid the treasure from the underwater kingdom Clu Clu Land, consisting of huge golden ingots. The female balloon fish, Bubbles, sets to retrieve the stolen treasure, confronting the Unira in the process. They serve as enemies in the game and Bubbles must avoid direct contact with them as their spikes are able to pop her. Bubbles can stun Unira by emitting a sound wave, which make them retract their spikes, allowing her to touch them and smash them against the walls of the level to defeat them. If Bubbles defeats the last Unira on screen, another one will spawn from the whirlpools. In SSF2, Unira serve as throwing items that protrude their spike after they are launched; similarly to how Bubbles could stun them to make them retract their spikes, fighters can directly attack the Unira to make them do the same, allowing them to pick the Unira again.



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