Marth tumbling on Final Destination.

Tumbling is an airborne state that a character enters after being hit or pushed in a certain way (an example of this would be ledge slipping). A character who is tumbling can be identified by the rotation animation they are in or in a lying down animation while in the air. Characters will tumble after being pushed off the ledge, or when being hit by a high knockback attack, after the hitstun ends.

Possible actions while tumbling

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Tumbling is not the same as being in a helpless state and when the hitstun ends, characters can carry out most normal airborne actions while tumbling:

  • They can move left and right through the air as per normal.
  • Characters are not able to air dodge while tumbling just like in Super Smash Bros. Melee which forces them to either to use their midair jump or attack. Characters are able to tether grab.
  • Characters can tech if they are about to hit a platform.
  • Fighters are able to grab ledges, exactly like when falling normally.


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  • Characters use their tumbling animation during Star KOs.
  • Tumbling characters could not grab ledges before Beta 1.0.2.
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