YJF - Trochieval

The trochievals menu in Yeah Jam Fury.

Trochievals are rewards given in Yeah Jam Fury for performing optional challenges while playing the game. Each trochieval is represented by a small square image listed in the game's trochievals menu, and each is assigned a single unique task the player must complete in order to earn it.

Trochievals are linked with the Newgrounds Medal System, with each trochieval having a corresponding medal on Newgrounds worth a certain amount of medal points. If a player is logged into their Newgrounds account, then the trochievals unlocked in-game will correspond to which Newgrounds medals are unlocked, regardless of the game's save data.

List of trochievals

There are 32 trochievals in Yeah Jam Fury, three of which are secret and only revealed after already being awarded. This is a list of the trochievals in Yeah Jam Fury accompanied by their official award requirement descriptions and the amount of medal points earned for getting them. Shaded cells denote secret trochievals.

Image Name Requirement Points
YJF Why Couldn't I Transform Why Couldn't I Transform? Beat all four tutorial stages. 5
YJF Footing Found Footing FOUND Beat Find Your Footing firing only one block. 5
YJF Breakthrough Breakthrough! Beat Wall of Face in 10 seconds or less. 5
YJF Jammed Window Jammed Window Beat Windowsill without firing a block. 10
YJF Ground Floor Ground Floor Beat Elevator Shaft without respawning once. 5
YJF You Son of a Gun You Son of a Gun... Beat Just Grab It. 5
YJF Did the Easy Stuff Did the Easy Stuff! Beat all stages on page one. 10
YJF Master Fetcher Master Fetcher Beat Fetch Quest 2 without respawning once. 10
YJF Ninja Nonsense Ninja Nonsense Beat Shenanigans without respawning once or firing a block 10
YJF Loose Noose Loose Noose Beat Weak Rope without destroying a single block. 10
YJF You Totally Cheated You Totally Cheated Beat Dastardly without respawning once. 10
YJF Worldly Treasures Worldly Treasures Beat Willyworld with 11 blocks in your quota total. 10
YJF Found the Lightswitch Found the Lightswitch Beat Lights Out. 10
YJF Movin' Right Along Movin' Right Along Beat all stages on page two. 25
YJF Oops Oops Restart Mind the Gap. 5
YJF Jordan Be Proud Jordan Be Proud Beat Space Jam. 25
YJF Spring and a Storm Spring and a Storm Destroy Mr. Moon in Space Jam. 10
YJF Collect Your Feels Collect Your Feels Have 6 blocks in your quota total on Steel Feels. 25
YJF Rainbow Runner Rainbow Runner Beat Oh Love. 25
YJF Master of the Universe Master of the Universe Beat Oh Love in 30 seconds or less. 100
YJF Oh, It's Just a Flash Game Oh, It's Just a Flash Game? Beat all stages. 50
YJF Rock a Doodle "Rock a Doodle!" Get Yeah to say "Rock a Doodle" with VFX at max. 10
YJF Playin' it Safe Playin' it Safe Fire 25 blocks in a stage. 10
YJF Swag "Swag." Get Jam to say "Swag" with VFX at max. 10
YJF Playin' it Wild Playin' it Wild Boost 50 times in a stage. 10
YJF Jawsome "Jawsome!" Get Fury to say "Jawsome" with VFX at max. 10
YJF Playin' it the Right Way Playin' it the Right Way Destroy 175 blocks in a stage. 10
YJF Who is Mr. Super Who is Mr. Super? Lock eyes with Mr. Super in a level. 25
YJF Gettin' Better at This Gettin' Better at This! Beat the record on a stage three times. 25
YJF Unlocked Cool Clothes Unlocked Cool Clothes! Unlock alternate YJF threads. 10
YJF Thank You, My Ears Were Bleeding Thank You, My Ears Were Bleeding Mute VFX. 5


  • The name "trochieval" is a portmanteau of the words "trophy", "achievement", and "medal", three words commonly used to describe similar systems in other games.[1]
  • There are seven unused trochievals found within the game with unlisted requirements: Ready for the Sequel, No One Trees Me That Way!, Unlocked Lovely Ladies!, Unlocked Devoted Devs!, Unlocked Music Magic!, I Wanna Work for Video Games!, and Oh, We Weren't Good Enough For You?.


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