Trinity Limit
Trinity Limit.png
Sora using Trinity Limit.
User(s) Sora (Super Smash Flash 2)
Type Basic
Effect Sora creates an orb above the Kingdom Key with Donald and Goofy that pulls opponents in.

Trinity Limit (トリニティリミット) is Sora's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, a flash of energy appears from Sora to trap opponents in front of him. He then says, "Donald! Goofy!" as Donald Duck and Goofy appear beside him and raise their weapons into the air together to create a large orb of energy that pulls in and traps nearby opponents. A prompt then appears on the screen saying, "Make the Limit stronger with the Special Attack button!" and a command labeled "Limit" with the triangle button of the PlayStation controller appears over Sora's damage meter. Repeatedly pressing the special input causes beams of energy to shoot out from the orb, with each beam appearing after four presses and up to nine beams appearing. Opponents that are trapped or hit with the beams are dealt multiple hits of 1% damage each until the screen flashes white, dealing 21% damage to trapped opponents and launching them with strong knockback. Sora then strikes with Donald and Goofy before they cheer and disappear, ending the move.


Sora perfoming Trinity Limit in KINGDOM HEARTS.

Trinity Limit is a recurring special technique in the KINGDOM HEARTS series in which the user uses teamwork to unleash a powerful attack. It was first used by Sora in the original KINGDOM HEARTS, in which Sora lifts up his Kingdom Key and draws in red orbs that appear from his friends Donald Duck and Goofy. He then leaps into the air and performs a back somersault before plunging his Keyblade into the ground, which summons a large energy wave that attacks all the enemies within the area. The move in SSF2 is more specifically based on the finishing attack of the technique in KINGDOM HEARTS II, in which Sora, Donald, and Goofy raise their weapons into the air and create a powerful orb of energy with beams shooting out from it as the player powers up the move.



Early designs


  • Prior to Beta 1.2.1, instead of dealing damage using the orb, it would simply pull and trap opponents in before Sora delivered a series of slashes, ending with a powerful final strike.
    • Prior to v0.8a of the demo, the player originally had to press the special button with a certain timing in order to keep attacking, otherwise the attack ended prematurely.
    • Prior to v0.9b, it was possible to deal a streak of three attacks by pressing the button at the correct moment, being capable of dealing up to 999% damage in a single activation.
    • Initially, this move was planned to be updated in Beta 1.0 so Sora would be able to move freely around the stage while attacking. However, this function was scrapped before it could ever be included.
Sora's special moves
Standard special move Strike Raid
Side special move Flowmotion
Up special move Aerial Recovery
Down special move Command Deck
Final Smash Trinity Limit
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