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Yeah standing at the start of the level.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Theme Sky
Level number 0

Tree'd is the third of the five unused levels of Yeah Jam Fury. Despite being fully coded and playable in the game, it can only be accessed through hacks.


This level is vaguely structured in the shape of a tree, with a long platform of Steel Blocks at the bottom acting as the ground and two small rows in the center serving as the bottom of the trunk. The player starts at the top of these rows with a single Yellow Block in their quota, and they must use Jam to boost across the ascending sets of Steel Blocks serving as the rest of the tree, which alternate between being distant from the center, with one set on each side, and the center.

The sets of Steel Blocks start with a set of four on each side, then a small platform of five blocks in the center, then a wall of two blocks on each side, then a wall of two blocks in the center, and finally a single block on each side, with the mango located in the center where the next set would go. To get from the wall of two blocks on the side to the wall of two blocks in the center, the player must use Yeah to place a Yellow Block near the wall in the center and use Jam to jump onto the wall from it. They then must break the Yellow Block with Fury in order to use it on the final set of Steel Blocks to reach mango.



  • Like all unused levels in the game, the reason it has been scrapped is unknown, but it is possible that this level was intended to be used in the Steam and Wii U release of the game before it was cancelled in favor of the follow-up, Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody!.
  • There is an unused trochieval in the game named No One Trees Me That Way! that may have been planned to be associated with this level in some way.
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