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Traction is a measure of how long it takes for a character in Super Smash Flash 2 to stop moving from a sideways force when grounded. Characters with low traction slide farther than others after walking, dashing, running, being hit by an attack while grounded, and so on.

Having high traction affords greater ground control over a character, so high traction is generally an advantage. Characters with low traction generally require more precise movement across the ground and cannot punish attacks as effectively out of shield, since they will get pushed further away from the opponent. However, there are cases where low traction is useful; low traction helps a lot when run canceling.

Luigi is well-known for having the lowest traction of any character; this originates from his low traction in most of the Mario platformers, which balances out his higher jumping.

Traction values

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Character(s) Traction
Sheik 1.3
Lloyd 0.97
Wario 0.89
Mario 0.56
Luigi 0.35

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