Galaxy Tours
Toy Time Galaxy
SSF2 Toy Time Galaxy
Mario symbol
Toy Time Galaxy in Super Smash Flash 2.
Size Medium
Toy Time Galaxy is a galaxy appearing in the stage compilation, Galaxy Tours, in Super Smash Flash 2.


This stage consists of two main sets of platforms in the shape of planets. The planet on the left includes a checkered blue block with a checkered orange one behind it on the left and a blue and yellow block with a fan inside on the lower right, with a conveyor belt moving right in-between them. The planet on the right consists of a tall blue block with two platforms attached on the left side, with the top one being a conveyor belt moving left. Additional planets can be seen in the background, including a circular train track with a toy train on the left and a giant 8-bit Luigi-shaped planet on the right.


Toy Time Galaxy Origin

Mario on a planet of blocks and conveyor belts on Toy Time Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.

Toy Time Galaxy is the third galaxy found in the Engine Room dome in Super Mario Galaxy, which Mario must venture to in order to gather the Power Stars that hide in said galaxy. Toy Time Galaxy is, as the name suggests, a playroom-themed location filled with toys made out of large rainbow-colored building blocks, as well as eating utensils and desserts. The stage in SSF2 incorporates four different planets from the galaxy, including one of building blocks and conveyor belts, one with large building blocks in the shape of a train engine, one with a train track and a train circling it, and one giant planet in the shape of an 8-bit Mario with Luigi on the other side.



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