SSF2 - Time

The time match timer in SSF2.

Time is a Group match type present in the Super Smash Flash series in which a match is played based on a timer. In this mode, players gain a point when they KO an opponent, and they lose a point when they themselves are KO'd or if they self-destruct. At the end of the time limit, the player or team with the most points wins. If multiple players are tied for the most points in Super Smash Flash, the match will end in a draw, whereas in Super Smash Flash 2, the players will enter Sudden Death.

The amount of time in a match can be set to any whole number of minutes from 1 to 60 in SSF, or 1 to 99 in SSF2. The amount of time remaining is shown during battle by a timer of minutes, seconds, and milliseconds at the top of the screen. When the timer reaches ten seconds in SSF, it will beep after every second, whereas when it reaches five seconds in SSF2, the announcer will count each second down as their numbers appear massive on the screen. This timer can also be used in a stock match for a match that has rankings based on the total amount of lives remaining at the end of a match.

The timer also appears in certain Solo game modes. In Classic, Adventure and All-Star, running out of time will bring the player to the Continue screen. Contrarily, in Target Smash, Crystal Smash, and certain modes of Multi-Man Smash, the timer counts up instead of down, and the lowest amount of time the player beats the mode in is saved as the high score.


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