• Me again(Sorry if your the only admin I bother). So I've been assessing character speed for a while and I get, this is faster, this is slower, this is the same but need to know how to calculate exact speed figures since I can't access game data. So just wanted to brief how I calculate the character speeds. Stage :devils machine(half).
    So first I need a character with low dashing animation(not necessary) which is fox and a good stage and make him SD on the right side of stage with timer. Using the D=S*T I get 2.7sec estimate at normal speed with sonic and rayman(because fastest and test for accurate speed) I get 2.4 and 3 respectively but you cant know for sure, because pausing at exact SD moment might affect score, yet overall I get round-ups and estimates of 36 by multiplying with the characters speed, but to be sure I go Slooowww mooo to 1/3 initial speed and get following, Sonic=7.1sec estimate/7.9(first one), Rayman=9sec estimate, Fox=8.03sec estimate making for 108 to calcualte for normal speed divide by 3.(If u multiply by 3 you should get somethin close to initial estimates though I kept record of exact time and not calculation)
    To be sure answer must be equal to or approximately equal to 36 if even higher or lower try again. I use this to calculate Waluigi and confirm Yoshi. And for Yoshi matches 9, confirmed even when racing mega-man of same speed as seen besides dashing there is no change in distance, and I knew Waluigi was where he was but needed exact number so I use formula.

    Formula=(1x)speed=36/time taken
    (1/3x)speed=108/time taken
    thanks for reading if you read all the way through if any opposing figures like the real in-game data speed let me know but for now pls bear what I have. I did this to defend myself.

    I learn't to calculate because Vegeta kept calling me an Idiot.

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    • Well I used third-party tools to look into the game files myself and your calculation on Waluigi was incorrect. I respect that you went through all this work to try and calculate as accurate of a number as possible, but pages like this need exact numbers through raw data, and if you don't have access to that data then you shouldn't be guessing in the first place. Calculations where you need to improvise this much will usually never be 100% accurate.

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    • Yeah I know, but at least it was close just felt like adding that extra no and I only did it to at least stall for the real info, so if it was unappreciatable I understand :( sorry. I just had that stuff from racing characters in the game and felt that at least I do something and can you help me with yoshi don't calculate just assess if he is on-par with megaman and faster than the rest. And can you tell me what third-party tools you use.

      Fun fact:Super Sonic can be as fast as 24 but critical hit can reach 45 making it faster among other attacks like light arrow.(Pls dont mock me or be all like this nonsense I just like testing)

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    • You weren't right about Yoshi either, he's actually slightly faster than Mega Man. If there's real information missing from a page then you should mark it with the incomplete tag, putting false info in place of it doesn't really help anyone. Being almost correct isn't good enough.

      I use the JPEX Free Flash Decompiler to look into the DAT files, but it doesn't work on its own because the files are protected. As far as I know the only tools available to crack them are provided by the SSF2 modding community.

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    • Okay I won't do it again but I had fun doing it.

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