• Hi, a little new here. So yesterday while I was trying to fix up my profile page I got blocked(blocked on my 2nd day)for spamming and vandalism after being told to stop.To clarify I checked but nothing in my message wall,but I understand if my actions were annoying(or law breaking)so could U pls explain my offence so I don't do it again.And yes sorry for the template stuff. I did not mean any trouble Thx(Even though ur profile and few others is what made me want a better one).

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    • You created about 5 templates containing the exact same code, over and over, and didn't even use most of them. I told you to stop multiple times when deleting all those repeated ones.

      Next time just use the User:Ssgluko/Infobox one, and make edits on it, instead of creating more templates.

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