• I was told by CrazyNaut you were going to handle the costumes collages we require for the general constume page and the fighters pages. It's been more than a month sonce Beta 1.2 was released and there aren't any results. Are you actually handling this or you're yet to be started?

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    • Honestly, I actually don't remember saying that at all. But sure, I could help with that.

      Also, should we really not have a subpage or something about the removed/scrapped costumes?

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    • I envisioned having collages in vein to those of SmashWiki, a 6x2 arrangement for all costumes. This time, however, I expect the color stripe is removed as there's no tournament mode to indicate it.

      I'd rather have removed costumes noted on its respective fighters page trivia.

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    • I don't think one can rip the alternate portrait arts from the files, so... How does this look?


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    • Are those portraits from Classic mode? It can work, though the issue here is that the renders aren't full and some will have coloring details missing, specifically legs and shoes. It's either this or cropping sprites from raw gameplay in specific poses again and make the collages as we've been doing it in the past. I wish I could recolor them manually but with no full view of the renders I cannot guess the colors.

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