• OK, let's make clear this situation regarding the spacing with templates and linking to demo subpages. First of all, you need to realize if the space is actually required, we don't normally space between templates on top of pages because that space becomes way to obvious, for instance, when you separated an about tag from an infobox, the spacing was way too much that didn't look aesthetically good. Templates on the top don't require this type of spacing. The ironic turn is that bottom templates like stub marks or navboxes may actually require a spacing. Now let's center our attention to the way you've been linking demo subpages, a tendency you have had since you arrived. As with all the links found within a page, you may only link once (two is the minimum but not mandatory); for example, for the first time (let's say) v0.4a is mentioned, you only turn that word into a link exactly on that introduction, there's no need to link again if that version is ever mentioned again, you got that? It's easy, I hope this clear every misunderstanding.

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