• It appears and what kind of page did you make? 

      Some of those characters didn't belong in those characters and you put to many there.

      You also didn't put the right links and you also put characters that aren't available yet, what were you thinking when you made that page? I don't think we ever needed a page like that.

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    • I know that it appears, but it looks ugly behing above and not inside the text.

      I did a lot of backtracking and analyzing to try and sort out the characters... Some characters do have ablilities that can cross into other domains, but your right. There's no way for me to be 100% accurate, so I should just do a few good example characters underneath every archetype class.

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    • Ah, I see what you mean about the links. I'll fix it. 

      I know exactly what I was thinking. Most fighting games already have one of these for their wiki's [http:// Link to site]  .  And I don't see what's wrong with including one for our game, as it's very useful and classify characters.

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    • That link doesn't work and characters are classfied in the attributes section for character pages.

      Also for the categories, you put in characters that can fill multiple roles, not one characters fits one role.

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    • Where's this page you're reffering to? I can't seem to find it.

      Also, what I have posted is a barebones categorization of every characters class that I could distinguish. It's not even remotely made up, and has a refference page that I modified for this game to fit it's unique characters. It's a little rough, but works fine for now. It'll become meatier at time goes along.

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    • I am saying the character pages like

      Their is a section named attributes where the character's Archetype goes.

      Let me see this page, ermac had to clean some of that page up.

      Also when you are linking SSF2 character pages, its {{ | SSF2 | Mario | }}. Mario.

      Also for Meta Knight and Donkey Kong, the - is not needed. I have never seen that before and not sure why you are adding it.

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    • Alright, if you want me to be a bit more specific and less generalized, I'll overhaul the page to sort character attributes inside of the archetypes to make it less confusing. Kinda like putting the same items in large zip-lock bags.

      I thought if I'd use the - in between the characters name it would make it easier to follow and read, but appearantly not.

      yes, links are about to be fixed.

      Okay, the revisions are going to be a lot of work, but it's doable, I think I can knock out a lot of it tonight.

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