• By telling me what I didn't do or how I'm supposed to do it, in this case, telling me that "I at least I should have changed the link", you are taking a seemingly bossy attitude as you are assuming I'm not doing my work correctly, and while it is an admin job to direct other users on how to properly edit pages, you seriously went for really harsh way to express it to me. I know sometimes we may have difficulties in our personal lives that make us release all that anger to other editors in the wiki, so you really need to soften your attitude, I have seen the way you communicate with other users. Always assume good faith, not everyone is going to edit the way you want, I mean, look at my case: I expected other users to edit the Smash Con box on the main page to point the start and end of the event (going to the point to unprotect the main page) and no one elaborate for something so simple. Don't take a harsh turn when expressing your opinion, that's the reason we had a vandal in the past that named itself "Niayrehater" or something like that. Soften your attitude for the sake of a good wiki community, "punch a wall really hard or bite a pillow".

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    • Okay I only say stuff when you make unnecessary cooments.

      That vandel was one of the toxic parts of the community so you shouldn't be surprised.

      My attitude is only directed to someone who acts like a hypocrite or is making a mess of the wiki, which Goku does sometimes.

      I wasn't even being as harsh as you are making me out to be, but I will tone what I say down a bit.

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