• Attaining the Bureaucrat status can be archieved by merely asking another Bureaucrat to promote him, that's how I got it. I should tell you I once promote to bureaucrat another user *coughleonardojcough* and due to my mistake I got to ask him to demote himself, so as you can see, bureaucrats cannot demote another bureaucrats, so it is really complicated desicion to do said promotion. But currently there are no specific conditions to be a bureaucrat. If you want to be one of our bureaucrats, then I think I will make you a little test to know your abilities: if you think you can fix the nagging Template:Navbox/core to finally show the freaking gray box that is needed to hide well the navigation bars, then you have your "ticket" guaranteed. Even if you don't want to be a bureaucrat, I still ask for your help to fix the core, anyway.

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