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FINAL FANTASY symbol.svg
Thief's artwork in FINAL FANTASY I & II: Dawn of Souls.
First appearance FINAL FANTASY (1987)
MG appearance(s) Super Smash Flash 2
Species Human
Gender Varies
Alignment Good
Created by Hironobu Sakaguchi

The Thief (シーフ) is a job class in the FINAL FANTASY series and one of its core basic jobs.

Character description

The Thief is the luckiest member of the Warriors of Light in the FINAL FANTASY games. It is one of the most agile jobs and is known for its abilities to steal from enemies, though this is not present in the original FINAL FANTASY, and flee from battles. It normally fights with daggers, though some Thieves can wield short swords or boomerangs. However, it starts weak and has average physical stats, and it is limited to using lightweight armor.

In the original release of FINAL FANTASY, the Thief is depicted with blue hair and light green armor. However, FINAL FANTASY III depicts the thief with red hair and a green tunic and bandana, and this design was retained in the WonderSwan Color version of FINAL FANTASY, except with the hair now blond. The design has remained this way in all subsequent releases of the game.

In the FINAL FANTASY: Memory of Heroes official novelization, the Thief's name is given as Zauver (ザウバー). He has long, golden hair and holds a shard of the Wind Crystal. He is cynical and realist and tends to keep the rest of the party grounded, but he often gets into conflicts with Setro.

In Super Smash Flash 2

The Thief, as he appears during Warriors of Light in Super Smash Flash 2.

In Super Smash Flash 2, the Thief appears in Black Mage's Final Smash, Warriors of Light. Like with Black Mage, the Thief's design is based in its appearance in the original FINAL FANTASY, as well as its redesign in FINAL FANTASY I & II: Dawn of Souls, and he wields a Knife in each hand as his daggers. He appears in front of Black Mage upon performing the move and then leaps forward with his Knives out as the Warrior dashes forward, performing a circling slash before plunging down with them. Upon making contact with an opponent, he slashes them with the Knives, dealing 14% damage. After the Thief or Warrior captures an opponent, or if they are unable to do so, the Thief falls to the ground and disappears.


The Thief, as he appears in Black Mage's on-screen appearance.

  • The Thief also appears in SSF2 on the character selection of Black Mage's on-screen appearance.
  • Black Mage's fourth costume in SSF2 is directly based on the Thief.