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The Power Of Random
The Power of Random.png
Description You have an infinite arsenal of randomized items... use it to take down your random foes!
Character Random (3 stocks)
Opponent(s) Random (3 stocks, level 9)
Random (3 stocks, level 9)
Random (3 stocks, level 9)
Stage(s) Random
Time limit 6:00
The Power Of Random

The Power Of Random is event #29 in Super Smash Flash 2.


Playing as a randomly selected character, the player must defeat three other randomly selected characters on a randomly selected stage within a time limit of 6:00. The player and opponents will all automatically hold a random item upon entering and will hold a new one whenever the item they are holding is discarded. The player and opponents each have 3 stocks.


The ranking the player receives is based on how much time the event takes to be completed. The specific conditions for this are listed below.

Ranking Time
S 1:06 '66
A 1:18 '33
B 1:26 '66
C 1:40 '00
D 1:46 '66
E 1:56 '66
F > 1:56 '66