This article is about the event. For the boss faced in this event, see Mother Brain#As a boss.
The Mother Brain
The Mother Brain
Description A classic matchup! Eliminate the Mother Brain!
Character Samus (1 stock)
Opponent(s) Mother Brain (200 HP)
Stage(s) Tourian
The Mother Brain

The Mother Brain is the event #40 in Super Smash Flash 2.


In this event, the player controls Samus in a special single-player stage not found anywhere else in the game, Tourian. To clear this event, the player must defeat Mother Brain, who has 200 health points. Like her Assist Trophy form, she summons a swarm of Rinkas that damage opponents on contact. She can shoot her powerful Laser Brain Attack several times that deals heavy damage on the player. The theme Vs. Ridley plays during the fight. The ranking the player gets is based on how much time it takes him/her to defeat Mother Brain.

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