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Tenbu Renjin
SSF2 Bankai Ichigo - Tenbu Renjin.png
Bleach symbol.svg
Bankai Ichigo using Tenbu Renjin.
Universe Bleach
User(s) Bankai Ichigo
Effect Bankai Ichigo dashes diagonally upwards, rapidly slashing opponents he makes contact with.

Tenbu Renjin (天舞連迅), often spelled as Tenburenjin and previously known as Speed Phantom (スピイドファントム), was Bankai Ichigo's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Bankai Ichigo pauses before quickly dashing diagonally upwards, pointing his Tensa Zangetsu in that direction. If Bankai Ichigo comes into contact with an opponent while dashing, he will then start slashing wildly at them, hitting multiple times as he teleports and uses Flash Step around them at such an incredible speed that he creates five afterimages of himself. The sheer size, quick speed, and low knockback of each slash makes the move very hard for opponents to escape from, and opponents hit are dealt a total of 54% damage if all hits connect.

Despite how Bankai Ichigo has an infinite amount of midair jumps, this attack makes for an excellent recovery move, as it travels a great distance and does not leave Bankai Ichigo helpless afterward; not only this, but the move can be used consecutively as many times as the player desires. The move has low knockback compared with Bankai Ichigo's other attacks, but it is a very effective damage stacker. Additionally, because the attack would knock the opponents straight up, usually diagonally depending on the opponent's damage, Bankai Ichigo could easily connect the attack many times consecutively.


Ichigo using Tenbu Renjin in Bleach: Soul Resurrección.

Tenbu Renjin does not appear often in the Bleach franchise, having first appeared as a Special Attack usable by Ichigo in his Bankai form in the game Bleach: Soul Resurrección. It works similarly to how it does in SSF2, as he leaps into the air and slashes repeatedly in all directions, damaging any nearby enemies, followed by a powerful slash forward. The move in SSF2 also makes use of the Flash Step technique, which Bankai Ichigo uses frequently in combat to move extremely fast, leaving many illusion clones behind him to flummox the opponent.




  • Prior to v0.8a of the SSF2 Demo, Bankai Ichigo would not slash rapidly on contact with an opponent; instead, he would hit once and continue to rise. This is because Bleach: Soul Resurrección would not be released until June 23, 2011, several months after the release of v0.7.
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