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The members.
The collaborators.
The five members and six of the collaborators of Team Fray, as listed on the Fraymakers Kickstarter page.

Team Fray LLC is the development team responsible for the creation and promotion of Fraymakers. Being operated by McLeodGaming, the team was formed during the early development of Fraymakers in 2018 and incorporated as a limited liability company on March 5, 2020. It is often credited separately as the developer, whereas McLeodGaming is both the developer and publisher.

The core members of the team consist of both current and former Super Smash Flash 2 developers. Each member aims to leverage their expertise from working on the game into the new project. In addition to the core members, several other contracted developers have collaborated with the team as additional contributors.


Team Fray consists of five core members who oversee development, with each being in charge of a specific aspect of the game. Below is a list of these developers categorized by the areas of development they are a part of.


Various other developers, though not considered a part of Team Fray, have collaborated with the team to contribute additional work to the game. This may include artwork, programming, music composition and arrangement, or voice acting. The rightsholders to the game franchises featured in Fraymakers can also be considered collaborators, though they generally do not play a direct role in its development. Below is a list of collaborators categorized by the areas of development they are a part of.

  • Carolyn Jong — Stage and Background Art
  • David Zu-KO Serrano — Pixel Art
  • Jacob Alpharad Rabon — Voice Acting
  • James Hadden — Code and Content Development
  • Joshua TomaMoto Tomar — Voice Acting
  • Jules ConroyFraymakers Soundtrack
  • Likiji123 — Pixel Art
  • Kira Buckland — Voice Acting
  • OverClocked ReMix (AshZone, James Landino) — Fraymakers Soundtrack
  • Steven — Pixel Art
  • Super Soul Bros. (Alex Popoff, Bill Smolik, Brian Sheu, Chris Haman, Christian Manzana, Howi Dietz, Robbie Gwobs Benson, Tony Dickinson) — Fraymakers Soundtrack